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30th Anniversary Project

Sally is a friend and volunteer of Camtrust who gives up her time as an artist to work with our clients on various projects. Take a look at her website here

She has helped us to create a felt animation to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.
During one of our art sessions, Sally came to Camtrust to start our 30th Anniversary Animation project.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 21.17.57


We planned what to include by writing ideas on a large sheet of paper. I wrote down some of the activities we enjoy at Camtrust. We made felt by layering pieces of wool onto bubble wrap, added soap, wetted it & put net curtain over it and moved it about with our hands.

When the wool was mixed, we dried it on the radiator. I then cut some letters to make the word Camtrust and a large number 30 out of felt. Jack created a professional drawing of a fox with many tails and had a good understanding of how to move the fox for use in the animation.


Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 21.18.03