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Comic-Con 2023

Jack reports on his day at Comic-Con 2023.

In the morning I put on my Avengers Quantum suit to be ready me and dad drove to Sam’s house to pick up him and his mum. Sam’s costume is Kirito from sword art online, then we drove to London. When we got there we parked at Excel carpark then we went in Comic-Con. Dad and Clare stayed at coaster while me and Sam went exploring. I went to the autograph centre. I visited Ryan Colt Levy, Reagan Murdock and Aaron Dismuke. They were nice they signed autographs for me. When I got the autographs, I went exploring with Sam. We stopped at the model centre. Sam was looking for a model to buy. I bought an Aki model. Next we went to another centre. I found a light-up Kitsune fox mask and I bought it and another Kitsune fox mask with a different style and a light mask. Sam was looking for anime art and figures. Then we met Dad and Clare at coaster and got something to eat. After the food we explored the other side. I didn’t know what to get because I’ve got everything at home but I did get a Marvel Legends Kang the Conqueror figure. Then I decided I wanted to go home.

Dad also wanted to go home so we got in the car, drove to Sam and Clare’s home and we went home.


Comic Con 2023

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